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Europe Cloud is focused on providing businesses with solutions to fit any budget, infrastructure, traffic volume, processing power, and data capacity with a diverse assortment of service offerings. As a result, you only pay for what you require, saving money while receiving leading cloud support.

Operations (DevOps)

Is your business accelerating at a dizzying pace? Is your application delivery agile enough to keep up? Can you roll out newer business capabilities at the speeds demanded by today’s digital world?

Our professionally-certified DevOps engineers help clients bridge gaps between Development and Operations throughout the application lifecycle. This empowers companies to speed up product development, testing, and deployment, and bring higher-quality products to customers.

Ideal for you if you are looking to: 

  • Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-value
  • Respond faster to changing customer needs and quickly deliver new functionalities
  • Increase team productivity and efficiency
  • Make incremental code updates to nimbly match new demands
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An experienced partner will empower you to keep your business running at optimal efficiency to meet your strategic goals and achieve a competitive advantage.

With our dynamic, fully customizable professional services, you can effortlessly migrate to the cloud and architect an agile and resilient cloud environment for your needs. Get the support you need to develop CI/CD pipelines, leverage powerful AI/ML technologies, and implement cutting-edge data analytics solutions.

  • Expertise in a range of business areas including cloud migration, containerization, CI/CD, AI/ML, and data analytics
  • Proven track record of client success across a range of verticals and industries
  • Advanced knowledge of market developments and technological trends
  • Tailored offerings to execute your business strategy and realize your vision
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Cloud Cost

You may be paying for more cloud resources than you need – and not even know it. These costs can quickly add up and curtail your future technological investments. Save money with our cloud cost optimization solution.

With a cost-optimized cloud, you get the exact resources for every workload without having to worry about underprovisioning or wasting funds on overprovisioning. Only pay for what you use and free up capital for innovation and growth.

  • Identify non-optimized resources and get recommendations to optimize them
  • Budget controls and cost policies to eliminate waste and provide greater control over cloud costs
  • Ongoing monitoring for continued cost optimization
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If you run mission-critical cloud workloads and require blazing fast support, our Premium Support services may be the right choice for you. Our dedicated support team follows a proactive approach to give you the best possible service and engagement strategies to help you increase operational efficiencies, scalability, and resilience in the cloud.

Accelerate time-to-value from your cloud investment with

  • Unlimited access to experts
  • Multi-channel technical support: cases, phone, chat
  • Fast response times based on case severity levels
  • 24/7 response and troubleshooting for critical- and high-impact issues
  • Regular operational health reviews
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Our Cloud build/migration services can power your digital transformation goals, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market. Let our cloud experts and migration specialists design the most optimal migration strategy for your business.

They will also guide you at every step to ensure a successful migration from a clunky on-premises architecture to the flexible Cloud.

  • Tailored migration plan and a detailed technical analysis of existing infrastructure and applications
  • Right-sized strategy that scales with the business
  • Detailed budget and cost optimization planning to maximize cloud ROI
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Get In Touch

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Our cloud consultants bring deep, functional expertise to resolve critical cloud issues and create profitable cloud opportunities. These experienced practitioners will help you align costs with business strategy, increase agility, and build smarter, more efficient cloud operations.

Navigate cloud complexities and adjust to evolving market and customer dynamics with our experts.

  • Comprehensive initial assessment to understand your cloud needs, strategy, and vision
  • Tailored advice at every stage of your cloud maturity journey
  • Actionable roadmap to garner the maximum value from your cloud investment
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Protect your business-critical workloads and data from cybersecurity threats and elevate your cloud security posture with our security services. With our expert team and state-of-the-art security practices, you can avoid operational disruptions and navigate your cloud environment confidently.

  • Ongoing security assessments to proactively find and fix vulnerabilities
  • Advanced encryption to protect your data from the bad guys
  • 24/7 monitoring for real-time threat detection and response
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End-to-end Cloud

Our cloud management services will keep your cloud systems performing at optimum efficiency. Whether you need support with workload prioritization/management, provisioning, automation, or health checks, we can help.

Get our full-spectrum managed services to seamlessly manage your cloud at low cost and with minimal risks.

  • Automation for higher uptime and fewer system outages
  • 24/7 operations and uninterrupted availability
  • Real-time threat monitoring and vulnerability management
  • Regular data backups and disaster recovery
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Turnkey Cloud

If you are looking to solve a specific business challenge at a low cost, our ready-to-use turnkey solutions may be the best choice. Achieve your planned outcomes with our pre-tested turnkey cloud solutions. There’s no need to unpack and integrate your chosen services. Simply “turn the key” and you’re good to go!

  • Ready-to-go trusted solutions
  • Easy to deploy and adopt
  • Minimum customization and integrations
  • Pre-built, pre-tested packages to get you going quickly
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24/7 Cloud Network
Operations Center (NOC)

We provide end-to-end NOC services for your entire cloud infrastructure. Our NOC supports all your network and storage resources and also detects and responds to issues in near real-time. We also monitor the health of your cloud systems and services 24/7/365 so you can avoid costly downtime and project delays

  • Reduce your management and maintenance overhead
  • Fast troubleshooting, incident handling, and issue resolution
  • Cost-effective services from skilled NOC professionals
  • Tailored for your cloud requirements
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